Product Enabled Services

ClicTest is packed with powerful features, which empowers organizations to release high-quality software at a faster pace. It has at times proved itself to be a test automation solution for applications built on different varieties of technology, and this is only a part of it has a lot more advantages then its counterparts.

To complement the powerful features of ClicTest, we are also enabling our clientele to access our product enabled software testing services. Our Cream of the crop Test Automation experts with different domain knowledge leverage ClicTest to deliver incomparable Automation Testing services.

Our Product Enabled Automation Testing Services Stand Out with our Product Capabilities

Organizations implement Automation Testing to save effort and save contributed to repetitive testing activities like regression testing. With our years of existence in Software Testing industry, we understand that “Application under Test” (AUT) knowledge or domain knowledge is essential for effective Software Testing results.

The above aspect has been overlooked by many organizations while implementing Automation Testing, Test Automation engineers just automate the Manual Test Cases provided by an Automation Testing tool. Identifying this, we have developed our product “ClicTest” where Manual Testers or Domain Experts who have been working on the AUT for a longer time will become core for Test Automation implementation.

We have been working with a lot of BFSI organizations recently where our product “ClicTest” has become instrumental in Test Automation implementation. In this experience, we have learnt that our clients required Product Enabled Testing Services, which has helped in improving their products’ quality and achieving faster time to market.

Though there are several Scriptless Test Automation tools in the market, we stand out of them by enabling to create Automated Test Cases just like a Manual Test Cases. This will empower subject matter experts or domain experts at our client’s place to review the Automated Test Cases developed and thus effective implementation of Automation Testing.

Test Management and Test Reports will Provide Powerful Insights

Our product “ClicTest” has equipped Test Management capabilities and insightful test reporting mechanism. With “Test Management” capabilities, clientele can create and track the Testing activities, and Testing effectiveness and efficiency. It also becomes easy to track assigned tasks to our Test Automation experts, and proactive measures to meet the timelines.

Insightful test reporting mechanism with annotated screenshots will give insights on repetitive test cycles, and expedites decision making on ever-evolving changes or updations in AUT functionality.