ClicLoad is packed with easy-to-use features for on-demand performance testing and it stimulates the load realistically to glean the knowledge of your application performance. Achieve the highest flexibility, using on-need scalable cloud test environment. Detect performance bottlenecks at the earliest and make your load testing faster and more comprehensive.

On-Demand Performance Testing Which Doesn’t Require Any Installation in the Local Machine

Performance Recorder

  • Create and Execute Performance Scenario
  • Performance recorder with pause and resume options
  • Segregate performance requests under user-defined page names
  • Support for SOAP and RESTFUL performance web services
  • Create or import test data to a performance scenario

Users Operative Time

  • Manage load with Load Generators local and external (cloud).
  • Schedule performance scenario execution
  • Dynamic Ramp Up – Increase or decrease the load and time while execution
  • Option to view server-side statistics
  • View Run Time graphs and Server side statistics


  • 100% web based, anywhere anytime performance testing
  • Build performance scenarios with a recorder that works on all browsers and platforms
  • Performance requests can be segregated under user defined page names
  • Eliminate tedious scenario editing task with the recorder that can be paused and resumed
  • Use ClicAutomate test cases as an input for ClicLoad
  • Fully integrated on-demand load generation from cloud or locally
  • Dynamic Ramp up – increment or decrement load and time
  • View server side statistics