Automation Testing Tools - ClicAutomate


ClicAutomate is built on a script-less test automation approach expedites automation testing. It also supports agile testing with the ability to handle ever-evolving changes in requirements, test cases and application UI. Very low learning time and high pace test creation makes ClicAutomate the most preferable test automation tool; reusability, traceability and the need of no technical knowledge makes it an exceptional.


  • Intuitive Object Identifier works on all browsers and platforms, and works very well with dynamic objects
  • Using wizard driven framework, easily create automation test cases without writing a single line of code
  • Test case version control and version comparison gives an understanding of test case changes
  • Shuffle test steps in a test case when ‘application under test’ UI changes
  • Execute tests in parallel across browsers and platforms with a single click
  • Schedule test execution with automated bug posting and results sent as email
  • Iteration wise results comparison provides better visibility and understanding of bugs after every regression suite execution.
  • Get screenshots for every individual test step, and annotated screenshots for passed and failed test cases