Agile Automation Testing Means Agile Challenges

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Salient Takeaways from the Webinar:
• Agile Automation Testing – What is it?
• Challenges in achieving Agile Automation Testing
• How to overcome these ‘Agile’ challenges?
• Benefits Vs. Pitfalls
• Vendor selection criterion

While the days of treating Testing as the ‘poor cousin’ of Development is past, organizations even today find it difficult to provide the required attention and time for Testing – especially in the Agile DevOps world. The Leading industry analysts and experts feel that ‘Agile Automation Testing’ could be the answer to this challenge. But wait! Agile Automation Testing presents a whole new world of its own challenges – ClicTest calls it ‘Agile Challenges’!

First things first – In order to implement Agile Automation Testing, one needs to first identify the right tool, then identify the appropriate tester with the required technical knowledge and finally identify what can be automated and how much.

In this Thought Leadership Webinar – Agile Automation Testing Means Agile Challenges – Roopesh Akula, Service Delivery Head, looks at the various use cases of Agile Automation Testing from an independent perspective to see how best organizations can benefit from this paradigm shift.