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Are Testers Losing Their Grip Over Testing Due to Automation?

Amid Automation, Testers at the Verge of Becoming Automation Test Developers:

In this digital world, automation has become the core for businesses to grow and expand. Automation has revolutionized the way organizations operate their businesses.

The pace of advancement in technology has been on a continual increase for the last decade and lead us to a new automation age. The impact of automation is quite evident on distinct industries, including Software industry itself.

Doing Automation Testing without scripting and technical knowledge

 Instead of letting testers to become automation test engineers, what if they are empowered to do automation testing?  Script-less functional test automation tools like “ClicAutomate” can help testers to do automation testing and it can also help organizations who know that testers’ domain knowledge and testing skill are essential for quality software delivery. Read More..