ClicAutomate for Seamless Automation Testing

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About Client:
A leading E-Commerce company providing software services in implementing and delivering E-Commerce solutions ranging from small enterprises to large enterprise. With immense experience and in-depth knowledge on various technologies, Jarvis continues to deliver the best of its kind E-Commerce solutions across the globe. Jarvis provides customer driven E-Commerce solutions using either out-of-the box approach or providing
tailor-made solutions to its customers
Client Requirement and Business Challenge
Before client considered buying a test automation tool, they were using manual approach to test their E-Commerce applications. Executing manual test cases every time as part of their regression test cycle became very challenging, in terms of maintenance and eort. So, they wanted a tool that could allow creating automation test cases at a fast pace and also reduce test execution time.
Client wanted to use their existing manual testers for test automation instead of hiring new test automation engineers.

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