Faster, Cost effective and Reliable Testing

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Client has started a project on ecommerce web application development after agreeing with a customer to deliver on time. Client has completed the project without performing testing any time during the development. Later on, the client found a lot of defects in the application when he wanted to test it once before delivering. The client realized that proper testing has to be performed to make sure that there will be no defects in the application. Client was running out of time and moreover, client knows that traditional testing would be time-consuming and very expensive if this is introduced at the end of the project. Deeply troubled, the client stared searching for a faster, cost-effective and a reliable testing solution. Fortunately, the client approached ClicTest.


To perform faster, cost-effective and reliable testing for an ecommerce web application.


ClicTest has quickly identified the problem of the client and offered him a cloud-based automated testing solution in ClicTest. Without wasting any time, the client has quickly started the testing activities. The solution was simple and easy to use which has helped his team to perform Automation Testing without the need of any technical knowledge. ClicTest being a cost-effective End to End testing solution which does all types of Testing has also let the client to do Performance Testing. Additionally, the solution was wizard driven and that allowed the client to accelerate testing while reducing testing turnaround time.

ClicTest has helped the client in the following ways:  

  • ‘Requirement Scenario’ allowed the team to record Requirements in the form of audio and video and all those recorded Requirement Videos were stored in a single repository.
  • ‘Test Plan’ allowed to create milestones and map with the sprints.
  • Captured Objects and created Automation Test Cases with no Technical intervention.
  • Created Test Suites with required Test Cases.
  • Wizard driven interface helped in perform Automated Functional Testing easily.
  • Used Functional Test Cases as inputs for Performance Testing.


The client has performed Testing by leveraging the following advantageous options:

  • Cloud platform for on-demand testing (No infrastructure and installation required)
  • Single window solution for End-to-End testing
  • ‘Pay only for what you test’ model
  • Access anytime from anywhere
  • Secure logging
  • Wizard driven and very easy to use
  • No technical knowledge is required for Automation Testing
  • Single repository for all the test cases
  • Consolidated reports


The client was extremely happy to find a right and timely testing solution for his severe testing problems. The client had quickly performed Automation as well as Performance Testing on a single-window. The client did not need to approach traditional testing. Instead he leveraged cloud-based testing solution of ClicTest which offered ‘Pay only for what you test’ model for his testing needs. As an End to End Testing solution which is faster, reliable and cost-effective, it has helped the client to efficiently perform testing and deliver the product on time to his customer.