Mobile app testing for multi-device and multi-platform compatibility

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A start-up mobile app development company that has recently started developing apps for Android, Windows and iOS.




The client has started building an innovative mobile commerce app and wanted to make sure that his mobile app is multi-device and multi-platform compatible.

To achieve this, the client has realized that he needs to perform testing in a highly advanced testing environment. The client has also felt the need for a huge budget to perform testing.

The client finds himself in a difficult situation where he cannot stop his app development and he also cannot avoid testing because of the lack of a huge budget.

While the Client was on the verge of losing all his hopes on launching his first innovative mobile commerce app, he has fortunately approached ClicTest for a suitable solution.


To do multi-device, multi-platform compatibility testing for a mobile commerce app.


ClicTest is a fast emerging Product-Enabled independent Software Testing Company. It has quickly understood the problem of the client and offered him a reliable and an efficient Cloud-based testing solution. It provided the client with a web-based mobile testing environment where applications can be deployed, tested, and managed. It provided on-demand access to multiple mobile devices, diverse network environments and platforms. This enabled the client to immediately start his testing activities without any upfront investment.

The solution has helped the client in the following ways:

  • Captured Objects and created Automation Test Cases
  • Created Test Suites with required test cases
  • The Wizard driven interface has helped in performing automated testing easily
  • The availability of multiple devices on cloud has helped the client in selecting the devices and perform testing
  • The multiple platforms and OS versions available on cloud has helped the client to do rigorous compatibility testing


The client had leveraged the following advantages

The client has performed seamless and comprehensive multi-device, multi-platform compatibility testing by leveraging the following advantageous options:

  • Cloud platform for on-demand testing (No infrastructure and installation required)
  • Single window solution for End-to-End testing
  • ‘Pay only for what you test’ model
  • Access from anywhere, anytime
  • Secure logging
  • Wizard driven and very easy to use
  • Unattended automated testing
  • Single repository for all the test cases
  • Consolidated reports


The client was very happy to find a Cloud-based testing solution in ClicTest for his testing problems. The client has easily performed multi-device, multi-platform compatibility testing to identify issues in the application. The client did not need a huge budget based testing environment for testing. Instead, he leveraged the ‘Pay only for what you test’ model for his testing needs which perfectly suited his budget. The Client has finally tested his mobile app with the help of an ‘on cloud’ model which has helped him in minimizing significant amounts of testing costs and the client was also able to deliver the product on time.