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Scriptless Test Automation is the new Normal in Software Testing

Scriptless automation

In the recent past years, there were enormous changes in the world of technology. The same has happened in the world of software testing where Test Automation has evolved to release a software product faster with the highest quality. Moreover, according to a leading market research company’s recent research report, it is revealed that majority of the development teams were already employing test automation to a large extent. Today’s accelerated development processes require automation testing methodologies to reach the end users sooner with a quality and high performing application.

On the flip side, automation testing adoption is not just a walk in the park, there are certain challenges associated with it and you need to mitigate them to drive your automation testing adoption towards success.

The choice of the tool will have an impact on your test automation adoption

Most of the automation testing tools require scripting and technical knowledge, and more than that different tools require specific programming languages’ knowledge and expertise. So, when you choose a tool that requires a specific programming language to create automation test scripts, then you need to have automation test engineer with that expertise to create automated software test scripts.

When you have manual testers and automation testers working for a project, manual testers will work as an end user to test the ’application under test’ (AUT) with different scenarios that an end user may come across, whereas automation tester will work as a developer focusing more on coding test scripts. This will create disturbance within the testing team whose end goal is to deliver a quality software product.

Moreover, for an effective test automation with scripting tools, it is expected that automation test engineers should hold grip over their skill of coding and that too accurately to ensure the robustness and effectiveness of the test scripts.

Scriptless Test Automation has depicted many of these concerns with the passing time. It is not always possible for businesses to hire resources every time for a new project. So, Scriptless Automation Testing serves the purpose here. It not only eliminates the need of coding to automate software testing but also assists the users to automate their tests themselves without any programming language knowledge.

Thus, Scriptless Automation Testing has become a boon to the users as it cuts down the burden of automation testing

The word Scriptless notifies of creating automated test cases without scripting or programing. The major benefit that scriptless automation provides is that it empowers manual testers to leverage their testing skills to create automated test cases that test the core functionality of the AUT with different test scenarios.

Scriptless Automation Testing brings the collaboration between Manual and Automation Testing to improve Software Quality

The adoption of automated functional testing is now in full swing, so a lot of speculations have taken the limelight that automation will dominate manual testing approach. But it won’t be the case. Automated testing has evolved to save time and effort on those tasks that consume a lot of time and effort with manual approach.

Therefore, it is pretty clear that the manual testing and automation testing have to go hand in hand. None of the two dominates each other and if the two are applied together, they deliver effective results. Manual testers are the right people who carry knowledge on AUT for testing and this acquaintance of theirs with AUT enables them to build the better automated testing suites. Hence, automated software testing should collaborate along with manual approach.

Companies who have implemented both manual testing and automation testing practice to improve their product quality can get the help they require from scriptless automated testing. They bring the harmony between their manual and automation process and yield better quality software to deliver.

Scriptless Test Automation opens doors for Manual Testers to serve more for software quality

Automation testers are more like developers in creating test scripts, they use their programming skills in developing automated scripts. But, software quality depends on how it is testing leveraging different combinations of testing scenarios. Test cases created by manual testers cover different combinations of testing scenarios and these test cases act as input to develop automated test scripts.

With the above, it is evident that manual testers are essential for software quality and automation is necessary to save time and effort on doing repetitive tasks and empowering manual testers to focus on their core job – improving software quality. Manual testers are the one who decide what should be automated.

Manual testers are at the verge of becoming automation test engineers due to the aggressive adoption of automation which has pushed organizations to achieve the maximum automation possible. Learning automated functional testing tools require learning a programming language and learning a programming language can be a challenging task for manual testers who focus to hone their logical skills to improve their testing skills.

However, the scenario has changed. All thanks to Scriptless Test Automation. This has made it easy for manual testers to create effective automated test cases leveraging their existing testing skills. With this adage, they can serve more for the product quality amelioration.

Scriptless Automation Testing helps in leveraging functional knowledge for automation

Subject matter experts carry the knowledge of AUT end to end, including features, user stories and other aspects. Subject matter experts’ years of experience on an application or on a domain becomes very useful in defining user scenarios, based on which different test scenarios can be defined to bring maximum test coverage for AUT.

Those years of experience empower subject matter experts to decide what to be automated and what not to be automated. Automation test engineers need the support of subject matter experts while developing automated functional tests and organizations should do knowledge transfer on AUT to automation test engineers. Empowering subject matter experts for automated functional testing will help organizations in improving test automation effectiveness for software quality.

Now after we have got the detailed description of Scriptless automation testing and how it helps, let us take a look at other advantages it can offer:

  1. It reduces the time to automate. With Scriptless Test Automation, you can deliver your product faster to the market than ever before. It offers to spend less time on automation.
  2. Adopting Scriptless automated functional testing saves money which could be spent on upskilling testers for scripting. Most of the companies invest huge to make their resources skillful in programming for automation or they hire automation test engineers who tend to be quite expensive. However, Scriptless approach is something which can be even used by manual testers without learning any new skills.
  3. Scriptless approach for functional testing helps testers to focus on user experience for an AUT; not on developing script to automate.

ClicAutomate – the best choice for Scriptless Automation Testing

The competition demands the companies to look for manual testing experts who have immense experience in testing. However, the updated technology has raised a demand for the testers to inculcate new skills to survive in the industry which is bending more towards automation. Therefore, having an understanding of automation testing instrumental in improving software quality with manual testers expertise and experience, ClicAutomate was developed.

ClicAutomate acts as a scriptless automation testing tool for manual testers to leverage their testing skills and for subject matter experts to leverage their knowledge to contribute for product quality with automated testing.

ClicAutomate provides ease of test automation implementation alongside improving software quality

Automated functional testing has become the need of the hour for organizations to expedite certain manual testing tasks and to increase test coverage for AUT before its release. However, there are a few challenges organizations has to face while implementing automated testing.

The first is having an effective communication and collaboration in the testing team on requirements. Testers need to comprehend requirements in order to create effective test cases and ClicAutomate with its “audio and video recording of requirements” option helps testers to comprehend requirements easily. Not just that, testers can link test cases created to requirements for traceability and this traceability helps in understanding test coverage to improve software quality.

The second is setting up prerequisites for implementing automation testing or setting up a framework integrating different tools. Most of the commercial automated software testing tools available currently require a few prerequisites to setup before using them and they are not interoperable on all operating systems. If it is an open source like “Selenium”, then design and develop a framework around Selenium integrating different tools.

“ClicAutomate” works on all operating systems and there are no prerequisites required for using. ClicAutomate is a cloud based automation testing tool, available on-demand and enables to kick start test automation right away with ease.

ClicAutomate improves the speed of test automation thus improving time to market

In the world of agile, reaching customers with previous bug fixes or with new features added to the application is the highest business goal. Automation testing has evolved in achieving this highest business goal but most of the organizations were not able achieve it, though they have adopted automated testing. This is due to consumption of time and effort involved in creating automated tests.

ClicAutomate with its intuitive “object identifier” and wizard driven approach helps in creating automation test cases at a faster pace thus improving time to market also.

Key features of ClicAutomate are:

  • It is a cloud based automation testing tool which is available on-demand and can perform test automation anytime and anywhere.
  • It is compatible with all operating systems, platforms and browsers.
  • Test Case Version Control and Test Case Version Comparison helps in understanding the changes happening to the test cases in an agile environment.
  • If “application under test” UI changes, then use “Shuffle” to shuffle test steps.
  • Schedule test execution with automated bug posting and test results sent as email.
  • Iteration wise results comparison provides better visibility and understanding of bugs after every regression suite execution.
  • Get screenshots for every individual test step, and annotated screenshots for passed and failed test cases.
  • It supports Continuous Testing.